If you ask anyone, be it family or friend, about relocating and moving houses, he one thing you will hear the most is how stressful was the whole process and how things became difficult as the day cam nearer. In that case, isn’t it better to learn from their mistakes and prepare in advance for the things they found stressful? A bit of positive approach never harmed anyone and a planning out the entire exercise only helps to reduce the points of stress. It is simple, those who found moving & relocating stressful did not plan properly.

Most of us do not have the luxury to keep our entire focus on the relocation but we have to ensure that our personal as well as professional lives do not suffer at the cost of stress-free move. The best way possible then is to hire a professional team that can take care of either a few tasks or the entire exercise for you depending on your budget and how much DIY you are comfortable with. Even then, it is good to plan to relocate systematically. Read along to know how you can move in ten easy steps

Moving & relocating begins on the paper first

Step 1. Prepare a list and itemize all your belongings. This will give you an idea about how much effort is needed to move.

Step 2. Create a checklist to prevent yourself from forgetting important stuff and action items. Checklists are an important tool to keep your mind stress free.

Step 3. Split the whole project into 4-5 activities. Each activity then can have 4-5 tasks. For example, on activity can be changing the address and individual task can mean sending notification to insurance companies, banks, lawyer, tax agencies etc.

Step 4. Get the boxes you require and packaging material you need in excess. This will prevent multiple runs to the hardware store in the middle of the task that only delays the job.

Step 5. Start your packing well in advance. The closer you get to the D-Day the difficult it is to get things done hence start a month in advance. Go for the smaller items first and progress with the larger items.

Moving is simple when done by professionals

Step 1. Hire a professional moving company. You might feel that DIY is the easiest and the best way to do things but when it comes to heavy lifting, trucking, unloading or packing things for that matter, you and your buddies might not be the best team around.

Step 2. Plan your entire day. Plan the route your truck should take. Plan how the loading of belongings will be done. Plan how the stuff will be unloaded. Plan what time you leave and what time you intend to arrive at the destination. Consult your professional movers for every big or small thing.

Step 3. At least one family member should reach the destination 2-3 hours before the truck arrives. This will help you mitigate any last-minute delays like taking the keys from the estate manager or setting up utilities like electricity.

Step 4. Follow last in LIFO principle for unloading. The larger items loaded last should be the first to be unloaded because an empty property is easy to navigate holding large furniture like bed, piano, sofa, etc.

Step 5. Lastly, clean the new property before you start setting things up. You might not get a better opportunity later with all your stuff inside. Moving is the only time when your house is completely empty so use this opportunity to get your place squeaky clean. If you can get this done a day in advance, it will be better.