Some promoting shocking tales about wooden windows were concocted by dealers of PVC profiles, some were brought into the world because of confusion of development botches. Wooden windows have their upsides and downsides. Yet, if you look carefully, quite a bit of what they are blamed for is just an arrangement of mistaken generalizations. You can заказать деревянные окна to make sure they are durable and overall worth buying.

Wooden windows are flammable

It is abnormal to discuss the fire danger of windows when our lofts and houses are just loaded down with combustible articles and materials: furniture, home materials, rugs, wood flooring, paper backdrop. Or on the other hand, they are encircled by wood “scrumptious” for fire (lumber, logs).

In the event that you sort it out: what can consume in the window? Only the profile, the glass doesn’t consume. So the portion of the framework profile in the window block is 20-25%. Furthermore, as indicated by all guidelines, wooden and plastic profiles have a place with a similar combustibility bunch. If we analyze the imperviousness as far as possible, it is higher for covered facade blunder windows than for plastic partners.

Wooden windows reject self-ventilation

This is an incorrect assertion. The strategy for opening the bands doesn’t rely upon the material of the profile. Yet on the steel component, which is set in a unique score in the window block. Secret fittings are introduced on all cutting-edge windows, paying little heed to the sort of profile framework. Wooden scarves can be opened both in a turn and pivoted way to an alternate opening point (opened for miniature ventilation or more extensive – by 20-30 degrees).

Windows from guarantee self-ventilation of windows, that is, the inflow of natural air with shut scarves.