Over the years, propane gas has turned out to be one of the most viable fuel options for domestic and commercial purposes. You must be wondering why people count on propane for fuel purposes when they have electricity and other alternatives. Well, in this post, you will get to know what makes propane gas a great option for farming equipment, water heaters, fireplaces, boilers, commercial and residential appliances. People use propane for a number of purposes, including its low cost, efficiency, ease of refueling, non-toxicity, and eco-friendliness.

Before you get in touch with one of the leading propane gas suppliers, let’s check out why it is gaining popularity as a fuel.

Popularity of propane as a fuel: Top reasons

Whether you are a domestic or commercial consumer of propane, you must know the key reasons that make it a popular option as a fuel.

  1. Efficiency and cost

Of course, you would be looking for possible means to slash your fuel costs. Propane is more efficient than other fuels, as well as electricity. This implies that you can heat an appliance faster when you use propane. Whether you are powering clothes dryers or water heaters using propane, you can make around 30% to 50% saving on the energy expenses annually. Besides saving costs, you can eventually speed up the heating process.

  1. Storage and transportation

The ease of storage makes propane one of the best fuel options for homes and businesses. Moreover, you can seamlessly transport the gas to the desired location. Propane gas has a low boiling point. Therefore, you can use pressurized containers to transport the gas along with a simple nozzle. Compared to other fuels, propane can be stored and transported with greater ease. This explains why people in the suburban areas are becoming increasingly reliant on propane, where natural gas pipelines haven’t reached yet.

  1. Clean source of energy

Propane is an eco-friendly fuel and burns cleanly. Even when you use the gas to run vehicles or deploy it as a fuel in commercial zones, it reduces less than half the toxins as compared to gasoline vehicles. Whether you use it in factories for melting metals, manufacturing, or other purposes at homes, it would be wise to use a clean source of energy.

  1. Longevity of the appliances

Appliances that run on propane have a linger lifeline, compared to the electrical ones. For instance, gas furnaces operated by propane can serve you up to two decades. On the other hand, heat pumps or furnaces backed by electricity lasts for a maximum of 14 years. Eventually, you would end up spending less on repairs or replacements of your hardware when you switch to propane.

Moreover, tankless water heaters running on propane can prove to be more than 80% energy efficient. They would cost you around 60% less, compared to the electrical counterparts.

  1. Safe and non-toxic fuel

Propane is non-toxic in nature, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. In case of possible leakages, there wouldn’t be any health hazard for your family members of staff. Even if there is a leak in the storage tank, the fuel won’t affect soil or water. Biologically, propane is inactive and has a lower flammability than methanol, ethanol, and CNG.

Sourcing propane from the right suppliers

Now that you know why so many families are switching to propane, you must be looking for a reliable supplier. Check out the prices and delivery charges, along with the discounts on initial deposit when you choose the propane gas supplier. Moreover, reputed companies offer discounts on automatic refilling. You can also save if you purchase larger volumes at one go. With the right propane supplier around, you can make substantial cuts on your energy budget.