Sanitation services involve the installation of facilities and services for the secure management of human waste. These sanitary services include the safe containment, treatment, and disposal of hygiene-related wastes. It helps to establish, operate and maintain a specific system for the collection, removal, and disposal of garbage, human excreta and household wastewater. It also involves the removal of toxic waste materials so that it cannot spread chronic diseases.

Activities included in sanitary services:

A reputed company will provide a full range of efficient sanitary services to their clients, including septic tank draining, septic tank maintenance, leach field cleaning and maintenance, cesspool cleaning, etc.

Septic tank draining 

 It would be ideal to have your septic tank drained every two years to prevent any further risk of septic tank malfunctioning or overflowing that might pollute the surrounding environment consequently. You may follow some instructions as mentioned below to drain your septic tank properly.

  • Contact a reputed sanitary service company to clear out your septic tank. Their professional technicians, specialized equipment, and vehicles will safely remove the solid waste, garbage, sludge, and water from the system.
  • Always leave the septic tank accessible instead of covering it before the cleaning program takes place.
  • Mark its position individually so that it becomes easier to locate your tank.
  • Make a discussion with the manufacturer of your tank to understand the specifications and requirements of the system.
  • Clear the surrounding area so that technicians can access your septic tank easily.
  • Although you can drain your septic tank any time of year, you should ideally do it in the summer season.

Septic tank maintenance 

 Maintaining your septic tank frequently is another vital activity you can avail of from a reputed sanitary services company. However, some steps you can take into action to increase the longevity of your septic tank are as follows.

  • Always make use of biodegradable products that are compatible with septic tanks.
  • Avoid leaving grease and cooking oil inside your drain.
  • Do not use any garbage disposal in the sink of your kitchen.
  • Try to reduce water consumption as much as possible.
  • Always remember to check the sludge level in your septic tank regularly.
  • Ask your septic tank manufacturer company to install a pre-filter inside your septic tank.
  • Never flush items like cigarette butts, hygiene products, tips, or other related materials that might clog the system.

Leach field cleaning 

 The septic field lines might remain unable to drain waters when heavy solids accumulate and clog perforations in the lines. In this situation, it is essential to have your septic leach fields unclogged. The cost of leach field rejuvenation usually varies between $1,500 – $ 5,000. If you observe any of the following issues, contact an efficient sanitary services company for adequate support.

  • Slow drainage.
  • Rising water above the septic tank.
  • Increased growth of a few specific plants such as lush, green grass, or weeds over the drain field area.
  • The return flow of water.
  • Sewage or toilet odour around the drain field.

Cesspool cleaning 

 Cesspool is an old type of drainage disposal system. These cesspools should be pumped and maintained by professional septic management services regularly. It includes the removal of the raw sewage and disposal of it. It will make your cesspool long-lasting. In general, you should clean your cesspool once it is full. If you somehow find that your cesspool has come to the end of its life, it is essential to replace it as soon as possible.

How to find the best sanitary services?

It would be highly recommended to choose a sanitary services company that offers a wide range of sanitation services. Ensure that the company has enough expertise in septic tank draining, septic tank, and cesspool cleaning. Besides, if the company has a portable toilet and rental toilet department, deluxe restroom trailers, go for them without any hesitation.