Visual art education is among the vibrant and ingenious facets of general education that ensures skills development. This type of your practice grooms youthful students within the secondary school level with strong entrepreneurial drives to setup their very own small-scale industries. It will help them greatly in performing their social responsibilities also is essential in the introduction of the country. In the end, it will help these youngsters in producing helpful and marketable items that are utilized in transporting out everyday existence activities. It will help them in fending on their own, their own families as well as employing another youth. This type of skill development prevents the youth from participating in gross social vices that hinders national development like armed robbery, rape, and so on. This kid forget about be a burden towards the society and doesn’t equal to the pile of unemployed youth already within the burden sack from the ruling government.

This notwithstanding, if care isn’t taken, the main objective of this facet of education which would be to train and equip students with helpful skills for private and national development would lose its grip. Skills development comes naturally to gifted students in addition to students who have no artistic gift but they are industrious, well disposed, and positive minded to achieve their selected art profession.

However, it’s very sad to confess that many parents and a few heads of second cycle institutions based by themselves discretion and judgment blindly push most students who aren’t psychologically disposed to see the skill programme towards the visual art department.

A vital survey from the academic performances of those students revealed that they’re mostly substandard students and/or poor students who performed abysmally within the Fundamental Education Certificate Examination for Junior Students. They think these students are terrible educationally or theoretically and therefore blindly push these to pursue the skill programme without their consent, conviction and approval. Many of these students stubbornly won’t coy themselves within their new professional atmosphere and therefore winds up performing woefully within the visual art education offered them.

This concern is a huge canker and burden towards the visual art tutors in many senior high schools who’re just in the receiving finish to change these students to sing the tunes of visual arts whether or not they concur or otherwise. It’s even sad to understand that many of these students who’re blindly pressed hardly come out for classes or participate in practical training given them. Because of the unwillingness on their own part to sit in their new professional atmosphere, they finish up been truants or half-baked within their training, defeating the main objective of the visual art education.

This attitude for parents and heads of institutions must cease. They need to understand that visual art education is really a prideful, innovative and revered type of education that must definitely be accorded with similar accolades like its counterparts like Science or Business education. As a result, serious and willful students who may wish to pursue the programme should be permitted to see it because it is completed in other subject areas’ education.

Another remedy isn’t silencing the scholars whom parents and heads of institutions wish to pursue the visual art education. They may be coached, helped and heard in extended, flexible discussions to progressively assimilate their demands, goals and aspirations. This must be carried out in addition to visual art experts and visual art tutors who can also be known as upon to provide orientation sessions to buttress the prospects and essentials of visual art education to those students prior to being permitted individually to determine whether or not to pursue the programme or otherwise.

If these measures are taken, it can help in maximizing expected learning connection between visual art education. It will help enhance the picture of visual art education that is applied within the dirt, called used by from the dull and educationally deficient students. Actually, this type of your practice continues to be went after by educationally vibrant and giant students who perform better still generally courses or subjects read by a lot of students. Visual art education should be seen as an lucrative profession because it is truly. It should not be viewed as the living room of truants or unfit theoretical robots. This is often averted when the blind push of scholars to pursue this innovative type of education ceases while opening a brand new chapter for that enrolment of willing, industrious, and educationally serious students.