Punch Club (ex VHS Story)


The game was renamed to Punch Club.


You can’t purchase the alpha version any longer.
Now, we’re taking a break until the release because we want to focus on it and release the game ASAP.

More information and explanations are coming soon ;)

header_overviewVideo Hero Super Story (VHS Story) is a strategy / tycoon / streetfighter-manager game with 80-90s atmosphere, nostalgia and lots of games/movies references.

You have to manage your time and money to improve your fighter skills on one side and your training equipment on the other. You will start as an unknown fighter in the underground club and must work your way to the top and solve the mystery from your past.

Improve your characteristics, learn new fight moves and unlock new abilities in the skill tree. Make your setup for every fight to suit the particular situation and opponent.

Choose your way wisely. Every decision matters. You can be a super-hero, a criminal or waste your life watching TV, or even run your own gym.

The game is a mix of a non-linear storyline, a tycoon-like gameplay, RPG elements and a tactical fight.




  • Strategy / tycoon / sim
  • Tactical fight mechanics
  • Non-linear storyline, perks, quests
  • References to movies and games 80-90s
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Alligators
  • Nice pixelart and 8-bit sound




header_progressWe have been working on VHS Story for 1 year now. Most of coding and game mechanics are done as well as the art content. Now we’re working hard on assembling all parts together, scripting storyline and making a game-balance job.

We’ve got our first alpha-build right now, that lacks the story, quests and so on. But the main game loop and game mechanics are already there and you can check them.



Q: Why I can’t purchase alpha any more?
A: We’re taking a break until the release date. More information coming soon.

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